Macro Micro Brief Presentation

Macro Micro was founded in year 2001 by William Yang and wife Irene Chen. Started from simple CNC milling machine like Handyman, Inno and then Optimal, Acceler, Kinetic, Momentum,etc, completed one by one, based on one simple concept that is to make a good machine. The Good machine must have not only high accuracy but durability.

When we plan to develop one new machine, we will usually spend 2-3 years to observe and study, only we are very sure that we can make the machine better then we proceed and complete it. This process usually leads us to create something new and we would apply patent to protect them. So far we have had more than 20 mechanical patents, all are practical innovations that is either better to use or more durability.

One important thing to Macro Micro is we have cooperated with one famous Germany company for 15 years, we treasure this opportunity and learn a lot from this cooperation that enable our machines can really satisfy Germany customers. Owing to this experience, we have confidence to sell our machines to other countries around the world and we are sure our machine can be fully satisfied. 」

Mr.Seeburger President of our Germany business partner attended at our booth during TIMTOS 2017
  • Here is one significant information in our history. In year 2008, Siemens Germany bought our Inno machine, this machine was their first machine which was not made in Germany. Please see below photo that shows our inno in Siemens show room.
  • Acceler    In the year 2006 we developed the box way in uni-body channel type (patent) that is proved to be the better way to make high rigidity machine.
  • Constant    In the year 2010 we developed the box way in uni-body channel type (patent) that is so far the better way to make box ways machine.
  • Craftsman    In the year 2010 we developed a new linear way placement around the ram head that placed the 4 linear roller ways around the head like two right angles (patent), this new placement is hard to make but has higher rigidity than common ways. This design improve a long on accuracy when the head is extended down to its maximum position.
  • Optimal    In July, 2017 , we had a chance to proceed a measurement on one 7 years old Optimal at our customer site. The figures were quite impressive that it showed the accuracy was similar or even no change compared with the data we measured at our factory before shipment. This measurement proves that the machine is very stable and durable which completely accomplish our design purpose.